February Madison Matters

Member Profile

Dominic M. is only sixteen years old, but already, he has had a rough life. When Dominic first joined the Columbus Clubhouse in the Bronx three years ago, he often refused to participate in activities, interact with other members, and showed little interest in caring for himself. Completing homework was also a challenge.

Through proper mentoring, motivation and positive reinforcement from Clubhouse staff, Dominic made a big turn-around. With the encouragement of the Education Director, Marvin Williams, Dominic became involved with Passport to Manhood.

Passport to Manhood addresses critical issues that young men face during their transition from boyhood to manhood, such as ethics, decision making, wellness, employment and careers, cooperation and conflict, diversity, relationships and self-esteem.

Through his involvement with Passport, Dominic became more confident and started to see success in school. He has also become more social at the Clubhouse and started making new friends. At the beginning of this school year, Dominic volunteered to be a helper and assist younger members with Homework Help. It is now common to see Dominic reading to younger members, assisting staff, and participating in the many activities that the Clubhouse offers. You can also find him keeping a watchful eye on his two younger siblings at the Clubhouse, ensuring that they complete their homework and have fun.

Because staff took time to help Dominic open up and socialize, and encouraged him to spend time on school work, he is now a rising leader at the Clubhouse. Dominic is just one example of the impact Madison Square Boys & Girls Club is having on New York City kids! 

Program Update

Former U.S.Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said, “Everyone has a stake in improving STEM education. Inspiring all our students to be capable in math and science will help them contribute in an increasingly technology-based economy…” Madison shares this view and understands the critical importance of Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for our youth and our communities. 

The DIY STEM program offers Clubhouse members ages 10-12 the opportunity to participate in do-it-yourself guided activities that focus on different strands of STEM. Participating Club members discover the great things they can create as they explore and engage in hands-on activities that allow them to unearth STEM concepts in exciting, non-traditional ways. 

Recently, our members have experimented with energy and electricity and engineering and design. As a result, members are becoming more engaged and excited about their next experiment. Take a look at a short video from one experiment here.

Black History Month Celebrations

February is Black History Month and our Clubhouses have been celebrating all month long! From movie nights, Black History Trivia day, scavenger hunts, and special football and basketball games honoring historically black colleges and universities, our members have been learning about important figures and facts in our history in a fun and educational way. This year, our members even created their own stage performance honoring music from African American music labels!

Madison believes that understanding our history is essential to developing a strong moral compass and we encourage members to be creative and ask questions all year long.