January Madison Matters


Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy lives on at Madison!

This past Monday marked the celebration of an incredible leader in the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. and, throughout this past week, members of all ages have taken part in programs and workshops to learn more about his legacy.

In a world where, more often than not, violence is the first form of public displays of opinion, our members studied the story of “Selma” and gained perspective on the true meaning of a peaceful protest through marching in unison for a cause. We believe that children who are empowered to develop strong character and learn positive and effective strategies for responding to conflict are more likely to be productive and successful members of society.

During these discussions, our members were able to express issues that they would like to march for including better relationships with the police force and reducing crimes in their schools. They were empowered to see themselves as engaged citizens whose life and voice matters and can be heard through peaceful and constructive demonstrations, just like Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Members heard and discussed Dr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech, and put together a video of themselves repeating his iconic words.

Thanks to the our wonderful partners at the Vivendi Create Joy Fund, our members experience the joys of filmmaking firsthand through our Reel Skills program.

Our Young Professionals brought a sled full of holiday cheer to our children!

This past holiday season marked a special time at Madison, when our young professionals group came together to provide more than 150 holiday gifts for our members and their families. Special events and holidays can be especially challenging for some in the communities we serve, and we are honored to be able to assist in spreading joy!

Want to meet some of our amazing members? You can! Come to one of our open houses and experience first-hand just how fun it is to be a Club kid through member-led tours and activities. We hope to see you on Thursday, January 29th or Monday, February 23rd. Click here for more information!

We also welcome any young professional who would like to get involved and serve as a Madison ambassador to join our Madison Council and start making a difference in the life of a child today. Together, we can save and enhance the lives of thousands of youth who rely on Madison as a safe, constructive, and fun home away from home.

Click here for more information joining the Madison Council.