January Madison Matters


Eleven year-old Julius C. has been a member at our Columbus Clubhouse for over two years. When Julius first became a member, he had a bad habit of drinking soda, eating junk food, and not participating in many activities. Observing this, the Sports and Fitness Director at the Clubhouse, Marcus Rodgers, gave Julius a special assignment – to help facilitate activities within the gym. In this role, Julius was asked to help set up obstacle courses, games, and other activities, most especially with the younger Club members. Since that experience, he found a new mentor in Marcus, and developed a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

There were a few setbacks along the way – breaking a soda habit is hard! But his mentor worked with him on that and as time passed, Julius began to drink more water. Julius even shared with Marcus that when he is at the store, he thinks about him and their conversations about the pros and cons of drinking soda, and he chooses to buy water instead. With a strict no soda policy at the Clubhouse, Julius has become a great ambassador and now assists staff when he spots a peer drinking an unhealthy beverage.

Julius has grown into a well-rounded and well-respected member at his Clubhouse. He now coaches and mentors younger members in basketball and soccer and has become a bit of a mentor himself. His awareness for living a healthy lifestyle has shifted dramatically and is still improving daily under the guidance of Marcus and other Clubhouse staff.

Julius is just one example of the great work and mentorship taking place at our Clubhouses every day.

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Eighteen year-old Paul M. from the Thomas S. Murphy received the chance of a lifetime last month when he performed the Star-Spangled Banner at a New York Rangers game. In partnership with the Garden of Dreams Foundation, Paul was offered this amazing opportunity and did not let us down. He electrified the crowd with his rendition of the national anthem on his electric guitar.

Playing to a crowd of over 12,000, Paul also performed Jimmy Hendrix’s Purple Haze during halftime. The music program at the Murphy Clubhouse, run in partnership with Notes for Notes, is only two years in, but already producing unimaginable talent. Paul is a special teen who actually taught himself to play guitar before receiving formal music instruction from Notes for Notes staff at the Clubhouse.

We can’t wait to see where his dreams and talents take him!

Click here to view a short documentary on Paul’s journey to Madison Square Garden.


The holidays are a season of giving back – and so many of our friends did just that! Volunteers at our partner companies hosted, organized, and delivered gifts to over 800 members during the holidays! Some companies even adopted families and provided much needed gifts like clothing, books, and personal care items.

For many of our members, the gifts they receive at the Clubhouse are the only ones they’ll receive. We thank our partners at Charles Schwab, Converse, Deloitte, Disney, Old Navy, TaxTerminal.com, TPG Capital, PitCCh In Foundation, and Xaxis for their generosity.