Luc thrives at Penn State

Luc-Stephon is a first-generation college student who dared to dream big. During his time at the Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse, Luc-Stephon was named the 2013 Clubhouse Youth of the Year and took advantage of the various college-bound programs and college tours that were offered.

“The college tours that I went on with my Clubhouse made deciding on a school less overwhelming and helped me to really figure out what I wanted when it came to a college environment.”

Luc-Stephon is currently a freshman at Penn State University where he is studying to be an electrical engineer. “My time at my Clubhouse taught me things that I use every day now that I am away at college: take responsibility for yourself and your actions, work together with your peers, go to class, maintain good study habits, and work hard. And Mr. King, the Clubhouse Director, still calls to check in on me and make sure I am going to class! I know that the Club will support me as I work toward my degree.”