March Madison Matters

Member Profile - Fabrice

Fabrice M. is seventeen years old and a graduating senior from Midwood High School in Brooklyn. When Fabrice moved to New York from Haiti he was eight years old and knew only three words of English “I love you.” Since joining the Club five months ago, Fabrice has mastered the English language, excels in his academics, and has never missed a day of high school.

When Fabrice first joined the Club, he was very quiet and guarded but the more he became involved in activities, the more comfortable he became. “The staff at Madison Square Boys & Girls Club really believe in me, and they want me to succeed. I have had many “firsts” at the Club. I went to my first basketball game at Barclay’s Center, first hockey game, first Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and attended my first teen social,” says Fabrice. His words reiterate the great work our staff do every day – inspire kids to dream big and have hope.

Education Director, Shana Savage says of Fabrice, “It has been my pleasure to assist him in applying for college, scholarships and now summer jobs. Fabrice always follows through when I need him to bring supporting documentation from home or school. Fabrice is a mature, respectful and responsible young man. He plays by the rules and is very curious about life. Fabrice is looking forward to the next chapter of his academic career: college!

Arts Program

Madison’s arts program is one of the most popular programs at our Clubhouses. Through traditional and contemporary arts like drawing, painting, sculpting, and jewelry making to performing arts like dance, music, and theater, our members are able to express themselves, and in some cases, discover a passion they did not know existed.

Each week, Rhonda Williams, Director of the Arts at the Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse in Brooklyn, works with 100 young people. Along the way, she inspires them to be creative, explore new skills, and perhaps most importantly, use art as an outlet to express themselves. Rhonda says, “Our members never cease to amaze me with their creative minds. Whether it is the images they paint, the emotions they portray in their acting, the ability to learn how to play multiple instruments, or how they choreograph and retain choreography for multiple songs. I often ask myself, are these kids only 6, 10, 15 years old?”

Under Rhonda’s leadership, members of the Murphy Clubhouse have performed at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, and the Apollo Theater. And that’s just since September! During her time at the Clubhouse, Rhonda has also been able to direct and produce several productions including The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, Jack Frost, and Irie Irie Holidays. Through each production, members have the opportunity to perfect their craft and learn how to sew, act, sing, and do makeup. They also learn how to dance various styles. Each member auditions for a role, builds portfolios, and learns the value of working on a team. Rhonda is even working to get more parents engaged through family paint nights, pageants, and mother-daughter events.

Madison Square Boys and Girls Club is a place that helps members reach their full potential and discover new things. “The best part of my job is being able to make dreams come true,” says Rhonda.

Meet our 2017 Youth of the Year

Ashley Wallen
Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse Youth of the Year
Clubhouse member for 2 Years
18 Years Old
Future Plans: Teacher

Anastasia Dosunmu
Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse Youth of the Year
Clubhouse member for 3 Years
18 Years Old
Future Plans: Nurse

Kevon Jerome Leary
Navy Yard Clubhouse Youth of the Year
Clubhouse member for 10 Years
17 Years Old
Future Plans: Professional Athlete

Victoria Sanchez 
Columbus Clubhouse Youth of the Year
Clubhouse member for 11 Years
17 Years Old
Future Plans: Pediatric Nurse