Our Supporters

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club offers our deep gratitude for the generous contributions of the following donors whose support and dedication allowed us to save and enhance the lives of more than 5,000 under-resourced New York City youth this year.

Fiscal Year 2014 (10/1/14-9/30/15)

Gifts of $200,000 and above

The Charles Hayden Foundation
 The Pinkerton Foundation

Gifts of $100,000 and above

Altman Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Aronstein
 Boys & Girls Clubs of America
 The Carmel Hill Fund
 The Clark Foundation
 The Honorable Bruce S. Gelb and Mrs. Gelb*/ Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, Inc.
 Eileen* and George J. Gillespie, III
 John J. McDonnell and Margaret T. O'Brien Foundation

Gifts of $50,000 and above

The Charles Schwab Foundation/Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
 Mr. Victor F. Ganzi
 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Giordano
 Hearst Corporation
 Heineman Foundation for Research, Education, Charitable and Scientific Purposes
 New York Yankees Foundation, Inc.
 Stavros Niarchos Foundation
 Mrs. Arthur Ross
 Mr. and Mrs. CC Sabathia/PitCCh In Foundation

Gifts of $25,000 and above

American Express Foundation
 American Media Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Arnaboldi, Jr.
 BlackRock Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Barry I. Bregman
 Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc.
 Ms. Joan Colello
 Discovery Communications
 Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Fleischman
 Thomas and Mindy Fortin
 Mr. and Ms. Joseph Gantz
 Michael and Rosann Geltzeiler
 Mr. and Mrs. Myles D. Gillespie
 Mrs. Clifford H. Goldsmith
 Heisman Trophy Trust
 ICE NYSE Foundation, Inc.
 Mr. Kenneth B. Marlin and Ms. Jacqueline Barnathan
 Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company
 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Mosley
 Mr. Thomas S. Murphy, Sr.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Seslowe
 William E. Simon Foundation, Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sleeper
 Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Smilow
 Mrs. Melville Straus
 Mr. Bill Uhrig and Ms. Anastasia P. Vournas
 Washington Square Fund
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wright

Gifts of $20,000 and above

 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Gallucci
 Mr. David Goldring/ The Allen & Lola Goldring Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Graziano
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry
 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Lamberg
 Dr. and Mrs. Mauro C. Romita
 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Tommasino

Gifts of $15,000 and above

ADT Corporation
 Babson Capital Management LLC
 Bank of America Corporation
 Mr. and Mrs. John Binnie
 Ms. Gina Bruzzichesi and Mr. Frank Covello
 The Coca-Cola Company
 Credit Suisse
 DST Systems
 Empire BlueCross BlueShield
 Ernst & Young LLP
 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Glavin, Jr.
 Goldman Sachs
 Jacqueline and Todd Goodwin Charitable Trust
 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
 The M&T Charitable Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Justin Marcus
 A. Edward Gottesman/ Patricia J. Matson
 McMurry/TMG, LLC
 The Paganelli Family/ Mt. Carmel Pharmacy
 The PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.
 Prudential Financial
 Visa Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wood

Gifts of  $10,000 and above

Assurant Foundation
 Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
 Nannette Empey Bryan Foundation
 Flextronics Foundation
 Ms. Jessica Forbes and Mr. Greg Lowdermilk
 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Gallagher
 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gould
 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jacob III
 Mr. LeBron James
 Lenox Advisors, Inc.
 Mr. Oba McMillan
 Moet Hennessy USA
 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Callaghan
 Old Navy
 Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Neill, Jr.
 Pinnacle Associates
 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Porter
 Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Reeder
 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Reidy
 Mr. Mitch Scherzer and Ms. Andrea Mann
 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Muser/ Signmasters, Inc.
 State Street Bank and Trust Company, N.A.
 Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Swani
 Taco Bell
 Time Warner Cable
 The TJX Foundation, Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Volling
 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Waters
 Wells Fargo Securities

Gifts of $5,000 and above

ABM Industries
 The Anthem Foundation
 The Boston Company Asset Management
 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
 Mr. Frank J. Capaccio, Jr./ Commercial Risk Services
 Ms. Kaye Ceille
 The Charlpeg Foundation
 Colgate-Palmolive Company
 Con Edison
 Frank and Patricia Connor
 Crown Media Family Networks
 Victor Cruz Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cutler
 Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc.
 The Executive Leadership Council
 Family Dollar
 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Feehan
 FOX Broadcasting Company
 Fuel Leadership LLC
 Mrs. Robbin Gaudieri/The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc.
 Ann and John E. Grimm Foundation
 Timothy M. Gunn
 Ms. Poppy Harlow and Mr. Sinisa Babcic
 ION Media Networks
 Mr. Eric M. Javits, Jr.
 Jimmy Choo
 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Johnson, Jr.
 The Jordan Company
 Mr. and Mrs. John Klopp
 Sidney & Judith Kranes Charitable Trust
 Mr. and Mrs. James Levitt
 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Loomis
 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McInerney
 Mr. and Mrs. John McMillin
 National Basketball Association
 The National Grid Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nemeth
 The New Yankee Stadium Community Benefit Fund Inc.
 New York Giants
 Henry E. Niles Foundation
 William S. Paley Foundation, Inc.
 Salesforce.com Foundation
 Mr. Richard M. Smith and Dr. Soon Young Yoon
 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sommers, Jr.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Stahl
 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Starr
 Mr. and Mrs. A. John Steinthal
 T.G. Nickel & Associates
 Ms. Barbara Alden Taylor
 Ms. Vanessa Touma
 Univision Communications Inc.
 Nanar and Anthony Yoseloff

Gifts of $2,500 and above

AEA Investors LLC
 Avis Budget Group
 Charity Buzz
 Mr. Neil Clark
 Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dane
 David and Leila Centner Family Foundation
 Ms. Florence E. Denholm
 Mr. Megh Duwadi
 Enterprise Holdings Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fox
 Mr. Haynes Gallagher
 Richard and Lucile Glasebrook
 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gonzalez
 Mr. Michael Hammond
 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hasson
 Healthfirst, Inc
 Mr. and Mrs. Hirair Hovnanian
 Mr. Mark Wildermuth and Ms. Claire Huang
 Mr. William J. Janetschek
 Mr. and Mrs. Terence L. Kelleher
 Mr. Patrick Kelly
 Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kessler
 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kilb
 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Kilroy/Progressive Home Health Services
 Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, Inc.
 Manhattan Parking Group
 Manheim, Inc.
 MBD Community Housing Corp.
 Ms. Loretta McCarthy
 Mr. and Mrs. John McDonough
 Ms. Taylor Messiter
 New York Methodist Hospital
 Mr. Sumit Nihalani
 Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill
 People's United Community Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Petersen
 Mr. and Mrs. James Piereson
 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pizza
 Mr. and Mrs. Othon A. Prounis
 Quadrille Wallpaper and Fabric, Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. James Reynolds III
 RLM Finsbury
 Mrs. B.Z. Schwartz
 Mr. Elliot Sloane and Mrs. Polly Leider
 Ms. Michelle Smith and Mr. Andrew Oshrin
 Mr. and Mrs. Ian K. W. Snow
 Staples Foundation for Learning
 Mrs. Kari Tiedemann
 Mr. and Mrs. David Volpe
 Mr. Daniel R. Zenkel
 Zubatkin Owner Representation

Gifts of $1,000 and above

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Adams
 Adelhardt Construction Corporation
 Adidas America Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Frantz Alcindor
 Alliance Inspection Management
 Ally Financial Inc
 Mr. Steve Baktidy and Ms. Suzanne Lamborn
 Mr. Adam Barringer
 Mr. Gregory Baxter
 Mr. and Mrs. David Roddy
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bostock
 Mr. Michael Breslin
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Brown
 Bruno Frustaci Contracting, Inc.
 Mr. Frank K. Bynum, Jr.
 Mr. Jay Canell
 Mr. Neil Canell
 Ms. Jackie Clews
 Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Clifford, Jr.
 Mrs. Angela Clofine
 Combined Coordinating Council, Inc.
 Michael and Donna Correale
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coscia
 Mr. Alan Davis
 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deicke
 Dent Wizard
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DesChamps
 Mr. Thomas E. Dunn
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eaddy
 Mr. and Mrs. John Edelman
 Eileen Fisher Inc. Corporate Giving Program
 Mr. Oguz Erkan and Ms. Donnalee Robinson
 Ms. Dale Feindt
 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Feld
 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Feurtado
 Mr. David S. Finkelstein
 Mr. William E. Flaherty
 Fleischman Law Firm
 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Florence
 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fortino
 Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Gautier
 Ms. Jane Gilday
 Mr. Edwin Goodwin
 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gottesman
 Jerry Vogel Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Gruss
 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hailey
 Ms. Nancy Hardy
 Mr. and Mrs. Dave Herbert
 Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Huber
 Ms. Tracey Huff
 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hunt
 Ms. Caroline Hyman
 Insured Medical Supply
 JMN Logistics, LLC
 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Kaufman
 Mr. Robert M. Kaufman
 Mrs. Eaddo Kiernan
 Mr. and Mrs. David Kubie
 Mr. Robert Kuperman and Ms. Colette Chestnut
 The Honorable C. Paul Lambert
 LCG Community Services Inc
 Libra Group
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lightburn
 Mr. Jean Jacques Louis
 Mr. Derrick Lovett
 Mr. and Mrs. James Lusk
 Jennifer Mascarenhas, M.D.
 Ms. Jen Maxfield Ostfeld
 Mrs. Jacquelyn Mayfield
 Mrs. John F. McGillicuddy
 Ms. Nicole Miller
 Mrs. Mary Kathryn Navab
 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Neznek
 Nuzzi Paint Contracting of NY Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Miguel G. Osio
 OTC Stores, LLC
 Mr. Anthony Paolercio, Jr.
 Mr. Ronald C. Parker
 Mr. John Passios
 Mr. David Pecker
 Mr. Todd Pecker
 Mr. and Mrs. John Piccard
 Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pitts
 Ms. Genevieve Piturro
 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Provencher
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Robertson
 Mr. Barry Rodrigues
 Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Rooney, Jr.
 Saretsky Katz Dranoff & Glass LLP
 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scoville
 Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
 Ms. Michelle Serafin Seelinger
 Ms. Allison Shure
 Ms. Ekta Singh
 Ms. Nancy Sipp
 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Slattery
 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Slivken
 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sorensen
 Mr. Timothy E. Sullivan
 Sal Taibi
 Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Takian
 Mr. Jon Tiktinsky
 Ms. Shadaai Tirado
 UBS Investment Bank
 Mr. Edward A. Varmon
 Webster Lock & Hardware Co. Inc.
 Mr. Robert C. Weiss and Ms. Susan L. Chadick
 Ms. Arlene Wendt
 Mr. and Mrs. John Westlake
 Kathryn B. Williams, Ph.D.
 Mr. Henry Wollman
 Ms. Yliana Yepez
 Mr. Jayson Zellman

Gifts of $500 and above

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adelson
 Mr. and Mrs. Suresh Attal
 Mr. and Mrs. Theofani Baktidy
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Banks
 Mrs. Talene Baroyan
 Ms. Elizabeth Belfer
 Mr. Hausen and Ms. Berkery
 Ms. Frances Boller
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bouckaert
 Mr. Alex Bregman
 Mrs. Alison Brettschneider
 Budd Enterprises LTD
 Ms. Zena Burns
 Mr. Antonio Cabrera
 Mr. Laurent Cardot
 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Casselman
 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ceonzo
 Ms. Nina Cochrane
 Ms. Amy Cole Finkelstein
 Ms. Ann Coley
 Mr. and Mrs. David F. Condon
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crowley
 DAA Northwest
 Dealers Auto Auction of OKC, Inc.
 Mr. James D. Dealy
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeLuca
 Mr. Jim DiDonato
 Robert C. Dohrenwend
 Mr. Joseph J. Dolan
 Mr. Robert M. Dunn
 Mr. Rich Dunne
 Mr. and Mrs. James Eisenberg
 Mr. Conrad Fallon
 The Gap, Inc
 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gelfand
 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gibson
 Mr. Brian Goshen
 Mr. Varun Gupta
 Mr. Bryan Hart and Ms. Carolyn Cost
 Ms. Cortney Hendrix
 Ms. Holly L. Hendrix
 Mr. Kimball Higgs
 Mr. and Mrs. Ara K. Hovnanian
 Mr. William Hult
 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Iraci
 Mr. Denis P. Kelleher
 Ms. Marie-France Kern
 Klehr, Harrison, Harvey Branzburg LLP
 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Klein
 Korn Ferry
 Ms. Margo M. Langenberg
 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Leaman
 Mrs. Emily Leonard
 Mr. David Levy
 Ms. Mary Lindley Burton
 Mr. Dominic Lodato and Mrs. Yvonne Stanhope Lodato
 Ms. Lorelie Lombardo
 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Macioci
 Mr. Mitchel A. Maidman
 Mr. Steve Manket
 Mr. and Mrs. Shant P. Manoukian
 Mr. Louis A. Marani
 Ms. Alison R. Minton
 Dr. and Mrs. H. Nalbandian
 Ms. Cathy Nassau
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Brien
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ollwerther
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Peek
 Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Ramos, Jr.
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Regna
 Ms. Monique Richards-Lipman
 Ms. Grace E. Richardson
 Mr. and Mrs. Geraldo Rivera
 Mr. Kurt Roderich
 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Romoff
 Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation, Inc.
 The Sirkin Family
 Mr. and Mrs. Mason Sleeper
 Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn E. Smith
 Capt. and Mrs. Robert Smith
 Ms. Amy Song
 Mr. George Timbrell
 Ms. Anne Van Rensselaer
 Mr. Karl Vanderwoude
 Ms. Monica V. Williams

Gifts of $250 and above

Mr. William Allen
 Ms. Laura Ancona
 Ms. Jennifer Anderson
 Ms. Jane Andrews
 Mr. and Ms. Michael A. Angerthal
 Mrs. Courtney A. Arnot
 Mr. Robert Berry
 Ms. Immacolata Bland
 Ms. Lauren Braswell
 Ms. Emily Bregman
 Mr. Keith Bremer
 Ms. Diane Brotherton
 Ms. Hazel Brown
 Ms. Kai Brown
 BRS Group
 Mr. Andrew Capaccio and Ms. Michele LaRosa
 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Caramore
 Ms. Wendy Carduner
 Mr. Wilkie Catron
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chittenden
 Ms. Sana Clegg
 Ms. Jennifer Coronacion
 Mr. Brian Cosgrove
 Ms. Sheila Creasy
 Mr. Brian Crowley
 Mrs. Mary Darling
 Ms. Patricia Davies
 Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. de Brito
 Ms. Valerie DelPriore
 Ms. Nicole R. DiCocco
 Digital Age Learning, Inc.
 Ms. Vanessa DiSerio
 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Driscoll
 Ms. Lesley Dryden
 Ms. Marsha Dunn
 Mr. and Mrs. E.P. duPont
 Mr. John Elias
 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fasciano
 Mrs. Libby Fitzgerald
 Ms. Samantha Fleck
 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Flexner
 Ms. Caroline Geerlings
 Ms. Connie Gilmore
 Ms. Kathleen M. Giordano
 Ms. Sallie Giordano
 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Glass, Jr.
 Ms. Joni Grossman
 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hardy
 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Henderson
 Mrs. Dorothy J. Henry
 Ms. Diane Hillyard
 Ms. Heidi Holterbosch
 Ms. Michelle Javian
 Mrs. Tracey Johnston
 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Judelson
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kahan
 Mr. Aaron Kaltbaum
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kaplan
 Ms. Andrea Karambelas
 Mr. Ato Kasymov
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Ketchum
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. King, Esq.
 Mr. James Krulder
 Ms. Monica Laidler
 Ms. and Mrs. Anki Leeds
 Ms. Robin Lefcourt
 Ms. Karen Levinson
 Mr. and Dr. Samuel Levy
 Ms. and Mr. Michele Lindsay
 Mrs. Tara Lipton
 Mr. Joseph Lodato
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Logozio
 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loscalzo
 Mr. John Lynch
 Ms. Alexandra Lynn
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maccaro
 Ms. Tammy Mager
 Mr. James H. Manges
 Mr. John M. Marchi
 Ms. Jody Martini
 Ms. Barbara D. Massey
 Mrs. Lisa McKean
 Mr. Jim McNamara
 Ms. Musette Morgan
 Ms. Alexis Moses
 Ms. Hallie Nath
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Nitze
 Ms. Maggie Norris
 Mr. David K. Norton
 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O'Connor
 Mr. and Mrs. Dick O'Hare
 Mr. and Ms. Harry O'Mealia III
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. O'Neill
 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Paduano
 Mr. Christopher Pataky
 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Paterra
 Ms. Amy Peden
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perin
 Ms. Christine Peters
 Mrs. Nancy Piraquive
 Mr. William Potter
 Ms. Jean Pugh
 Ms. Fabiana Ramirez
 Ms. Sheila Regan
 Mrs. Allison Rockefeller
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rockefeller
 Ms. Jan Rossen
 Mr. Ron Rostow
 Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rubin
 Mr. Oswaldo Sakai
 Mr. Spenser Samms
 Ms. Jennifer Sauer
 Mr. Patrick Schaible
 Ms. Samantha Schaible
 Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Seitz
 The Select Resource Exp. Inc.
 Ms. Samantha Shipp
 Mr. David Simone
 Mr. Patrick Smith
 Mr. and Mrs. Rootberg Smith
 Mr. Mark D. Spender
 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spitzley
 Ms. Patricia Stensrud
 Mr. Benjamin Stolbach
 Ms. Tina Storper
 Mr. and Mrs. Amar'e Stoudemire
 Ms. Megan Tencza
 Mr. Kenneth D. Thompson and Ms. Jessica Wright
 Ms. Eva Timerman
 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tobia
 Mr. Lucian Todaro
 Mrs. Katie Tozer
 Mrs. Courtney Trent
 Ms. and Mr. Rosanna Troiano
 Ms. Daryl B. Uber
 Mr. and Mrs. Guy Van Pelt
 Ms. Austin Varner
 Ms. Nina Wainwright
 Ms. Lulu Wang
 Mr. Matthew Doull and Ms. Vicky Ward
 Mr. Tore Kesicki and Ms. Leslie Weiss
 Ms. Deni Wendt
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whelan
 Mr. Greg Wilson
 M. Cabell Woodward, Jr.
 Ms. Pamala Wright
 Ms. Amy Yan
 Mr. and Mrs. Sophocles Zoullas
 Ms. Linda Zukauckas


Honor and Memorials

In honor of Barry Bregman
 Mr. Steve Manket

In honor of A. Kathleen Collins
Ms. Courtney Merritt

In honor of Frederick Feliciano
Mr. Puretz William

In honor of Bruce S. Gelb
Mr. Edwin Goodwin

In honor of Myles D. Gillespie
Mr. and Ms. John Idler

In honor of David Goldring & Samantha Averbuck
Mr. Jason Finestone

In honor of Albert N. Kakudji
Mr. Eric Weinstein

In honor of Justin Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Grushkin

In honor of Armand Paganelli
Mr. Brian Crowley

In honor of Emily Riedel
Mr. Michael Anson
 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Barnes
 Mr. Christopher Coccaro and Ms. Myrlin Valerio
 Mr. and Mrs. John Crowe
 Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Danett
 Ms. Kelly A. Jaensch
 Mr. Eric Mohl and Mrs. Jo Ann van den Valentyn Mohl
 Ms. Jamie K. Nicastri
 Ms. Lori E. Noel
 Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Norfleet
 Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. Rickett
 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Riedel
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Riemer
 Mr. Adam Rothberg and Ms. Janet Kraybill
 Mr. George Stydahar and Ms. Sheila A. Kelly
 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Toumanios
 Ms. Arlene Wendt
 Ms. Molly Williamson Welch
 Mr. Bernard P. Yozwiak and Ms. Teresa V. Jankovic
 Mr. Tsui F. Yuen-Pappas

In honor of Julian Romano
BRS Group

In honor of Kate Snow

In honor of John Suarez
Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation, Inc.

In memory of Emily Jane Bacow
Mr. Dana Levine

In memory of Edmund & Carol Blake
Ms. Susan Jannetta
 Mr. George Litton
 Mr. James H. Manges

In memory of Eleonora DiBernardo
Ms. Christine Cervoni
 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Maraldo
 Mr. Louis A. Marani

In memory of Peter Frank
Mr. Patrick Kelly

In memory of Joseph Genin
Mr. Guy Genin

In memory of Charles Grace
The Charlpeg Foundation

In memory of Calvin Gray
Ms. Berta M. McCulloch

In memory of Jack Grimm
Ms. Jane Gilday

In memory of Lionel Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perin

In memory of Albino Mizzaro
Mr. Louis A. Marani
 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D'Alessio

In memory of William Perry
Mr. Louis A. Marani

In memory of Raymond Petersen
Mr. Gregg Radzely

Bequests and Estate Gifts

Glessner B. Childs
 Florence Denholm
 Ruby B. Fleming
 Warren Force
 Erna Ross
 Douglas Williams

We are also grateful to have received major support from the following public agencies:

New York City Department of Youth and Community Development, Out of School Time Program

 Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Office of Juvenile Prevention, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program

 The State of New York, Department of Health, Child and Adult Care Food Program

 New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

 New York City Economic Development Corporation

 Madison Square Boys & Girls Club is a founding member of Boys & Girls Club of America, and we wish to express our deepest gratitude for this strong, ongoing partnership.