Board of Trustees

With more than a century of tremendous leadership, we remain inspired by the incredible commitment of our volunteer leaders. Madison’s Board of Trustees attracts some of our country’s most powerful executives, who not only serve as role models for our members, but also afford us the resources to provide high-quality programming to our youth.

Co-Chairs of the Board

  • Victor F. Ganzi
  • Michael S. Geltzeiler

Vice Chairs of the Board

  • Bruce S. Gelb
  • Thomas S. Murphy, Sr.


  • Barry I. Bregman

Senior Vice President

  • Nicholas F. Tommasino

Chair of the Executive Committee

  • Myles D. Gillespie

Vice Chair of the Executive Committee

  • George J. Gillespie, III

Chair of the Nominating Committee

  • Daniel L. Mosley


  • John Binnie

Vice Presidents

  • Gina Bruzzichesi
  • Michael V. DeFelice
  • Richard Eaddy
  • Patrick S. Gallagher
  • Joseph Gantz
  • William F. Glavin, Jr.
  • Kenneth B. Marlin
  • Matthew J. Petersen
  • Ronald Porter
  • Adam L. Reeder
  • John H. Starr


  • Fred Argir 
  • Leo P. Arnaboldi, Jr.
  • Leo P. Arnaboldi, III
  • Stephanie Diamond
  • William Feehan
  • Keith Fleischman
  • Frank Fortino
  • Stephen Gallucci
  • Robbin Mele Gaudieri
  • David J. Goldring
  • Todd Goodwin
  • Nicholas Graziano
  • Poppy Harlow
  • Dave Herbert
  • Brian Hoesterey
  • Keith Huber
  • Justin Marcus
  • John McDonough
  • Brian Murray
  • Robert Nemeth
  • Joshua Novak
  • David J. Pecker
  • Barry Rodrigues
  • Mauro C. Romita, MD
  • Andy Russell
  • Mitchell Scherzer
  • Peter Serpico
  • Jerry M. Seslowe
  • Nathan Sleeper
  • Barbara A. Taylor
  • David Volpe
  • Roy Weathers
  • Elizabeth Wood

Trustee Emeritus

  • Albert R. Dowden
  • William E. Flaherty 
  • William G. Parrett
  • Joel E. Smilow

Bronx Board of Managers

Our Bronx Board of Managers hosts fundraising and networking events that directly benefit our two Bronx Clubhouses.

  • Frank Capaccio, Jr., President
  • Steve Baktidy
  • Robert Brown
  • Joseph Gathers
  • Janae Henderson
  • Armand Paganelli
  • Roger Paganelli
  • Derrick A. Lovett
  • Steven Rivera

Brooklyn Board of Managers

Our Brooklyn Board of Managers hosts fundraising and networking events that directly benefit our two Brooklyn Clubhouses.

  • Terence Kelleher, President
  • Cleo Dixon, Vice President
  • Gaetano Mastroianni, Treasurer
  • Terrence McBeth, Secretary
  • Michael Breslin
  • Agnes Gautier
  • Michael James
  • John Piccard
  • Albert Wiltshire